Welcome to the Crayon Castle Child Care Center!

Crayon Castle Child Care Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for learners. In this environment, physical/motor, emotional/social, and cognitive/language development are stimulated with a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. Our curriculum offers activities and learning experiences that aid the child’s growth. We believe that providing children with meaningful, hands on experiences will allow children to flourish. The activities your child performs here create new meaning for them. 

The growth of your child will also be supported by looking at the needs of the individuals and families. Our programs constantly strive to treat children and families of diverse backgrounds fairly and equally. We also believe that educating the child is both the role of the Crayon Castle Child Care Center and the family.

At Crayon Castle Child Care Center, family involvement is highly encouraged, so you can actively participate in your child’s development and education with us. We believe that involvement is essential to making children feel part of the community; it aids in giving them a sense of belonging.

Crayon Castle Child Care Center provides staff that are highly qualified and experienced. We address the specific needs of each child and provide them with opportunities to grow. Please call today with questions, or drop in and see us in action!